Bio Page

I’m sure after bringing me home from the hospital as a neonate back in 1962, the last thing on my mom’s mind was, I wonder if my son will have a bedroom full of reptiles and amphibians some day? Well at age 5, she might have had an idea. Pictured is me at age five with my first snake, an adult Pacific Gopher Snake. Luckily for me, my mom was very supportive of my future obsession. From that point on I set out to collect all the locale reptiles and amphibians native to northern California. At age 11, I even had my first venomous snake, a Northern Pacific Rattlesnake. What the heck were my parents thinking? In those days it seemed like everything was available in retail stores. I was a regular at the East Bay Vivarium. Ron Cauble owned the store back then, and he had everything. Even all the venomous reptiles could be sold in California in the early 70’s. I’ll never forget seeing large enclosures full of Sidewinders, Adders, Vipers, etc. I’d only seen them on National Geographic, so it was very cool to see them, just inches away. All the native California animals were legally sold back then also, so you can probably figure out where I got my first Rosy. In 1973 I purchased my first Rosy Boa, well my mom did anyway. I believe it was a Borrego. At least in my minds eye that’s what it looked like. It too was in a large enclosure with a bunch of different localities (based on the different colors and patterns) at a retail price of $19.99. I wish I had a photograph of it now. I also began to add exotic animals to my collection at that time. Birthdays, Christmas, and even good report cards supported my addiction. My mom was very supportive of my love for reptiles. In fact she actually caught my first Mountain Kingsnake. My dad was too, but he wasn’t a big reptile fan. He enjoyed them, but only from the other side of the glass. My younger sister was a total tomboy, so she was in to holding them and checking them out all the time. Though I had many friends, I only had one that was in to reptiles as passionately as I was. Tragically he died at age 15 while riding his dirt bike. Unfortunately, we never got to grow up herping together.

It wasn’t until my adult life that I collected my first Rosy Boa. On March 28, 1988 I found my first wild Rosy on the dirt road going through El Toro Canyon near Estelle Mountain (see details on the Rosy Adventures page). From that point on, my addiction became an obsession. I started going to the Southern California Herp Society meetings, to probe everybody I could to get info from on where to go look for Rosys. I was living in Venice Beach at the time and my roommate knew of the usual spots (i.e. Whitewater Canyon, Borrego, San Gabriel Mountains, Cornsprings, and Pioneertown), so I started going to those places, because nobody else would give up any info. On the way to the usual spots, I’d notice other roads and started checking them out. Then it became a snowball affect. I wanted to see what Rosys looked like from every inch of their geographic range. I still do. A new spot was a new adventure, and what herper doesn’t like a good adventure. I burned up a lot of gas and put many miles on a little Mazda pickup. I even got one of those goofy personalized license plates that said “TRIV RIG” on it. What an idiot. Now, even though it’s only once maybe twice a year, I still try to find a new locality. Sharing the details about a Rosy that nobody has seen before is awesome. Even if you weren’t the person that discovered it. Some of my favorite animals in my collection aren’t even animals that I collected or produced in captivity, they are from good friends that know how passionate I am about locality Rosys Boas. I can’t even begin to list the names of the close life long friends that I have made over the years, because of my obsession for Rosys. I love them all dearly, and as I mentioned before, one of them became my mentor.

Rosy Boas are also responsible for the most important love of my life, my wife and children. I met my wife through a close friend that grew up with Dennise here in northern Nevada. He knew that I had some neonate Rosys that I had produced during the breeding season, and that Dennise had a family owned pet store. We went down to the store and Dennise purchased some of the neonates, and to make a long story short, the rest is history. Dennise and I live in the fast growing farming town of Fernley Nevada. Considering ourselves to be country folks, we love having a nice chunk of land where we maintain all the usual farm animals, an orchard, a garden, a bunch of Rosys, as well as board horses. Our children, Hailey and Jakeub share our love for country living as well. My son Jakeub loves to hang out with me in the Rosy room while I’m cleaning or feeding the snakes. He wants to hold each one as I remove it from it’s enclosure for cleaning. Luckily the novelty of holding each one wares off after a while, otherwise I’d never get anything done. I of course, love the fact that he really seems to enjoy the Rosys. My wife loves the adventure of road cruising too, so we pack up the kids, venturing down south somewhere a couple of times a year to move animals off the road. She loves to see the geckos. It’s always a bonus to find a Rosy as a family. Jake found his first rosy at a year old, okay I found it, but he was in the truck (see details on the Rosy Adventures page). Having a family that supports and enjoys my obsession is priceless. I’m truly blessed.

I hope that you have enjoyed sharing my obsession as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you. If you’re in northern Nevada sometime, give me a call. I never get to show off my collection.

Thank you for your interest in my web-site. I hope you were able to learn something about pure locality Rosy Boas. At the very least, I hope that you strive to learn about them. There are a ton of great resources out there, so use them up.

Special thanks to my closest friends (you know who you are) for all that you have done for me and shared with me over the years. You all have made a huge impression on my life. Rosys just wouldn’t be the same without you.

Very special thanks to my family for supporting my obsession. For the joy that you bring to my life. And for inspiring me every single day.