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Analysis of the reason of thin layer of abrasive (General Forum)

by yoyocrusher, Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 04:04

Construction Waste Crusher is currently the most widely used machine, no one. Slag powder production line has now been dominated by standing mill. What are the main reasons for the analysis of the causes of the abrasive layer?

(1) feeding volume is small. The amount of feed must be adapted to the mill capacity, when the feed volume is lower than the rated output, the material layer will gradually thinner, roller surface and the disc surface direct contact caused by vibration.

Treatment measures: immediately increase the amount of Construction Waste Crusher , the appropriate reduction in rolling, according to the increase in the thickness of the material layer to grasp the increase in the amount of feed to be stabilized about 50 mm after the material layer to restore the roll.

(2) When the material hardness is low, fragile good, relatively high roll, even if the thickness of 30 mm ~ 50 mm layer, and instantly there may be pressure, causing vibration.

Treatment measures: appropriate to reduce the roll, increase the amount of water, according to the increase in the amount of feed.

And the lack of material to form a thin layer of material, vertical mill feeding too much will cause what happened?

The reasons for the production of full grinding are: the amount of material is too large, so that the grinding cycle of the load increased; separator speed is too fast, so that the grinding cycle load increased; cycle load, so that the amount of powder produced, The ability to carry gas through the grinding; grinding within the lack of ventilation, the system a lot of air leakage or adjustment inappropriate.


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