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All, Upon creating this web site I had no interest in creating a forum for the sole reason of reading the content of so many posts on other forums. The impression I got was that instead of being used as a tool they were being used to inflate egos, create controversy and animosity, and publically humiliate who should be considered a peer. Being that I wanted my site to be a fun and educational tool, the thought of people using a forum that I created for anything other than a fun and educational tool to share a passion dear to my heart with disgusted me. With the request of close friends I submitted to creating this forum, thinking that if I set a standard and an example with a simple set of rules and guidelines, all would be good. For the most part this has proved to be true, with occasional off color post. For those that are close to me know that I not only have a passion for family, locality Rosy Boas and Monster Trucks, but a love for man kind too. I still put a lot of faith in my fellow man, refusing to believe people suck or people are mean etc Ö..(the thought process of so many people in this life) because I choose to surround myself with all that is good in this world. The best example I have is my practice of not watching the news on TV or reading a newspaper, because all that is ever presented is bad news. Am I trying to shelter myself from all the bad news? No, I feel it is not value added to my life. With having a near death experience, I choose to live life for every moment, enjoying the good this life has to offer, included my fellow man. Currenty I see my fellow man displaying behavior that I work very hard to avoid on something that I have created, and I canít help but feel resentment. With that said, I feel that this lengthy post was/is required to now express my feelings. My first feeling was rage (not a feeling/emotion I like), then frustration, and finally disappointment. During the course of these mixed feelings my reaction was to just shut the forum down. This would just mean admitting defeat. For the most part I have no issue with admitting defeat, but in this circumstance it is not an option. [i][b]Going forward the expectation will be that anybody deviating from the rules and guidelines will be banned from the forum without hesitation.[/b][/i] Call it over reacting, call it what you will. At this point I donít really care. Use this forum for the right reasons, to help each other, to share your passion for locality Rosy Boas. Donít judge; donít destroy the habitat of this forum. Think before you type. Some rocks canít be put back, and some crumble away for ever. Keep it respectful, Jer
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