Rosy Rewards

This page is dedicated to helping our youth succeed academically by inspiring them to achieve and maintain good grades by rewarding them with a Rosy Boa. With the support of parents, (letting their children have reptiles) rewarding good students with a Rosy Boa just seems so easy. Not only will it help the success of our children's future, it will insure the future of Rosy Boa enthusiast. As mentioned on the “Bio Page”, my parents were very supportive of my hobby and rewarded me with reptile rewards when I brought home a good report card. Now days with tools like email and the internet, we have the ability to not only educate others about Rosy Boas, but inspire them to get educated using Rosy Boas. How cool is that?

Ross in his snake room with a Rosy

The inspiration to establish this page came from a aspiring young Rosy enthusiast by the name of Ross Henshaw. Via email, Ross conveyed to me that he and his father were going to upgrade his enclosures to the type of enclosures that I use (glass terrarium with sliding screen top) and was concerned about the glass not sitting directly on the heat source. I replied that it would work just fine and candidly asked how he was doing in school, and well the rest is history.

Below is the actual email thread between me and Ross

Below is Ross’s progress report that his dad scanned and sent to me the same day the email thread started

With the help of Ross’s father Dee, I was able to monitor Ross’s progress via email. This proved to keep Ross focused and driven. This even inspired Ross to make a gift for me. I’m very proud to sport my “Rosy Room” sign in my collection. Ross improved his grade to an A in a two week period. So as promised, I sent Ross his “Rosy Reward”. At the time, the only baby Rosys I had was a pair of heterozygous for albino Temecula’s (Limburg’s). After Ross received the male, Ross’s father contacted me regarding getting the female for Ross for Christmas. Soon Ross will be producing albinos of his own. His collection continues to grow, and who knows, maybe one day he will have more localities than me. I sure hope so.

Ross’s little male het Limburg
My gift from Ross

Since I first published the idea of starting the “Rosy Reward” program on the forum, I have received so many emails from my ever growing Rosy family with questions on how they could help with the program. I mean how cool is that? The more the merrier right? Just one more thing that makes me love Rosy Boas even more. For those of you that want to be involved, just shoot me an email. For those of you that are involved, you rule. For those parents that want to be further involved in your child’s success academically and support their reptile hobby, don’t hesitate to contact me so we can reward your child with a “Rosy Reward”. It does work.

Special thanks to Ross Henshaw